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Dein Leben ist als ein leichtes Leben gedacht.

Leiste keinen Widerstand.

Sage ja und stimme dich ein.

Das Leben fließt mit Leichtigkeit.




Life flows with ease (Eckhart Tolle)


To offer no resistance to life is to be in a state of grace, ease, and lightness.

This state is then no longer dependent upon things being in a certain way, good or bad. it seems almost paradoxical, yet when your inner dependency on form is gone, the general conditions of life, the outer forms, tend to improve greatly.

Things, people, or conditions that you thought you need for your happiness now come to you with no struggle or effort on your part, and you are free to enjoy and appreciate them – while they last.

All those things, of course, will still pass away, cycles will come and go, but with dependency gone there is no fear of loss anymore.

Life flows with ease.


Ich wünsche dir Leichtigkeit im Herzen und Vertrauen in deinen Füßen.

Von Herzen,


Was macht dein Leben leicht?

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📷: David Hofmann on Unsplash